Certified, Experienced & Licensed


Certified Independent Adjusters, Inc. is a nationwide independent adjusting firm. Our adjusters have over 50 years of experience in Insurance industry.


  • Daily Claims

  • Auto Claims

  • Catastrophes

  • Commercial Claims

  • Liability



At Certified Independent Adjusters Inc., (CIAI) our mission is simple:


  • provide our clients with certified and licensed independent adjusters

  • adapt to our clients claims handling procedures and protocols

  • provide a flawless final report

  • Meet all cycle times by submitting claims in a timely manner


We understand when called upon we must live up to these expectations. In order to meet our own criteria our adjusters are trained to follow our client’s procedures and protocols to the letter. We extend our clients reach by providing the systems, infrastructure, and personnel needed to get the job done.



We are aware that a claim closed in a timely manner is the ideal claim; therefore our goal is to exceed our clients cycle times. Our qualified examiners are well versed with our clients current insurance claims procedures, guidelines and protocols. Our examiners monitor every file submitted by our independent adjusters to ensure that the client’s criteria and cycle times are adequately met before submission. 



To be your MOST TRUSTED and most used Independent Adjusting Firm. We understand that we have to earn this honor and position. We will accomplish this by our performance, hard work and most important our word.