Daily Claims
CIAI handles Daily Claims Nationwide, we provide highly qualified and knowledgeable Adjusters. Our Adjusters are very fluent in handling water losses, vandalism/malicious mischief, theft, fire, wind and liability claims.
Water Losses
At C.I.A.I. our Adjusters understand that water damage comprises approximately 85% of daily claims. Our adjusters are:

  • Trained to identify and log the source of the water.
  • Equipped with moisture meters and know the appropriate procedures/protocols when the moisture readings are high.
  • Trained to read emergency services & remediation reports.
  • Able to communicate DIRECTLY with remediation companies regarding their invoices and obtaining justification for their charges.
  • Capable of reading leak detectors and plumber’s reports and can obtain failed parts if available for subrogation potential.
  • Trained to understand the IICRC requirements for the amount of dehumidifiers, air movers and negative air machines needed for the square footage of affected areas.
  • Familiar with and know the procedure for utilizing ITEL for flooring material costs.
  • Our adjusters understand the required protocol when there is visible mold and will inform the examiner

Vandalism/Malicious Mischeif & Theft
Our seasoned adjusters are capable of identifying and estimating V&MM and theft claims. Also, will obtain police reports and provide inventories for personal property. We also cross reference retail data bases on the internet when the cost of any disputed items are questionable.
We have years of experience in adjusting smaller fires such as kitchen grease fires, fires caused by candles, electrical appliances etc., also smoke and soot claims. We also handle large fires and are experts in dealing with cause and origin Investigators, arson fire officials, content restoration companies for pack-outs and cleaning and additional living expenses for temporary housing etc.
Wind & Hail
We handle wind, hail, and tornado losses reported at the daily/ branch claims level. This includes;

  • High winds, (straight lines)
  • Non-catastrophe hail storms
  • Wind driven rain (if covered)

Liability Claims
We handle 3rd party liability claims. Our Adjusters are very fluent in;

  • Estimating the loss
  • Identifying the cause of loss
  • Taking recorded statements
  • Inventory contents
  • Business Interruption
  • Obtaining all pertinent reports