While adjusting is a vast, complicated, but lucrative profession we know that there are many who will have questions about the many different positions. We have composed a list of Frequently Ask Questions. Please take your time and review the questions. If we have not answered your questions feel free to ask one of our agents via e-mail or submit a question via the “contact us” box at the bottom of the page and we’ll work to get your questions answered as soon as possible.


Adjuster/Carrier Privileges

Adjuster/Carrier privileges are granted by CIAI exclusively and granted specifically to the Adjuster/Carrier only. Individual user rights cannot be assigned, sublicensed, distributed, shared, viewed, accessed, or otherwise transferred to anyone without the express written permission of CIAI. Company requires that each registered user maintain a valid email address or Member ID and a password, which shall be utilized for logging on to the GOCIAI system. Adjuster/Carriers are not permitted to share their individual logon information with others. Company has the right to refuse service to any member that refuses to abide by the terms and conditions herein or abuses their rights related to the GOCIAI service.

What is an independent adjuster?

Independent adjusters are state licensed and contracted through an Adjusting Firm or company to handle claims for insurance carriers.

Do I need a license or experience to apply at CIAI?

No, for new Adjusters, CIAI offers a licensing class and several training courses throughout the year. These courses consist of Xactimate and construction training, continued education, and more.

What is an I/A Firm?

An Independent Adjusting firm is a firm who contracts with insurance carriers to handle their daily and catastrophe claims.

How are Adjusters compensated at CIAI?

We pay twice a month, the 1st and the 15th. We will pay the Adjuster once his final report has been approved and we have received payment from the Carrier.

Do I need a College Degree to apply?

Although higher education is preferred, a College Degree is not required. We require at least a high school diploma.

Am I responsible for my own taxes?

You are an independent contractor and responsible for all your equipment, transportation and taxes. We are a 1099 company.